Videos that come to life



We are a group of freelance filmmakers and our aim is to be able to provide the best quality in video.

VIDEO is the new marketing tool for business, we aim to achieve the same goals you have, and through a productive meeting and planning, together we will achieve an amazing result.

We produce videos for events, weddings, charity, advertising and what else our creativity allows.


Three Blokes Productions story

Now, you might be asking why the name three blokes?.
Well in the beginning 5 years ago we began this journey three friends, and now although things change, we kept that concept of friendship and creativity collaboration, so we kept the name along with its ideals.
So now you know, you can alway trust your mate in this case Three Blokes.


Theatre & Charities

Creating lively trailers & teasers for theatre performances, as well as providing documenting services;

Imagine you have a project and you would like the process to be filmed for future use and also to reflect the impact that your project made, then we are the blokes you need.

Corporate Video

Everyone loves videos, why?…

Becuase it’s easy to watch your products and services in mini promotional videos than read or just see them in a photo.


This is once in a lifetime event and for sure we would like to  be part of it,

Let’s create a beautiful cinematic wedding video that can highlight your best moments of your big day. 

Three Blokes Team


London, England
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